Monday, December 27, 2010 5: boxing day sails

T'was the night after christmas,
and all through the sims,
not at creature was stirring,
not even a noob.

Zug >>> Kalvatar
Sims crossed today = 12
Total sims crossed = 33

It's been a week with no walkies! RL has been a bit mad. But I'm resigned to the fact that this trip will take a very long time. A week break will not make much difference int he long run. But I aim to cover a bit of ground today to make up for it.

Welcome to Zug, Casa de Laville (#20). I like this place. Only 10% land. This place has a nice vibe to it, and some groovin musical instruments on the beach. If I had a sim it might be like this.

One of Zug's many charms
Kaulana (#21) and I find myself in another strange horsey farm place. There's something I find incredibly unnerving about a sim filled with strange looking, inanimate horses all neighing every few seconds.

Hmmm. More horses.

Luxor (#22) is split by banlines and uninspiring.

Coral Estate (#23) is an atmospheric little sim, a bit film noir. It has one the grooviest loungerooms I have ever seen, but palm trees in a snowy winter wonderland always freaks me out in an ice-age/apocalypse kind of way.

March on!

Orage Creation (#24) is the smallest piece of land surrounded by ocean I have seen, until I realise there is an enormous hair and fashion shop behind me. I pick up a free christmas dress. Funny how after 24 sims this is the first one that soley operates as a shop. I had imagined there would be more commerce spread through the grid.

Horizonte (#25) is where you'll find Xzari Curtains, home of quality sculpted drapes and curtains. I guess SL is a parallel universe to RL, so curtain and drape shops must also exist.

The twin sims of Virtue and Thistle (#26 & #27) is a pretty sim that reminds me of Narnia, minus the witches and fauns and stuff. I'm joined by my special SL friend Anamika Pond who is keen to travel part of the way with me, though her method of travel is a bit dubious. The reindeer here are interactive, and a train takes us to a free chestnut and mulled wine stand. We can't go past a freebie. Overall, a fun sim.

The popular sport of reindeer riding, Virtue and Thistle

More joined sims lie along the path. We head north to Nevi/Avandale (#28 & #29), yet another snow world. Snow is very , but popular in SL. As my RL counterpart lives in Australia, it has a certain novelty and looks nice but tends to make me feel cold. A boat ride here brings us to a cosy looking Tavern. There's not much inside though, other than an interesting torture room for a bit of christmas blood and horror.

We wish you a Merry..aaAAGGHHH!

The next stop is Vild home/Vildsey (#30 & #31). We arrive in a wide open space where Ana selects her next mode of transport, a flying hippopotamus (as you do). 

Pimp my hippo

We enter Vildsey at a village from the middle ages. I suspect Gor, but I'm wrong. We walk beside a large castle with beautiful brick textures, around a corner and run into Vildand Juran, the sim owner and builder of the castle. Vildand and his friend welcome us and give us a tour of the castle, a sprawling maze of a place with a great layout. Anamika, a fellow sim owner is quite taken by the castle. If you are a fan of large gothic castles, look up Vildsey.

Vildsey's castle

We walk to the top turrets and then jump down to the village. We board Vildand's old wooden ship and he mans the steering wheel (or whatever it's called) and we head out to the seas surrounding Vilsey. After crusing at considerable speed I ask Vildand if he could take us to the northeast corner of the sim so that wee may continue on, He obliges, and we thank him for his kind hospitality anf head over to Enoch.

Going NE in style

Enoch, creatively named "Mickey's Pimp Palace, Where No Hoe Runs Free" (that should win a dodgy name award)(#32). Depsite the name we find that SL's biggest barn is actually a horse auction and sales house. There isn't a horse in sight, bnut we hear a distant 'neigh'. Around the corner we find ourselves in a very odd place, a strange mishmash of practically every free and cheap structure available in SL. Pure cheese, but in a good way.

Getting tired so the last sim was a bit of a blur. Called Kalvatar (#33) and there is a series of barns with empty rooms. Near it a large house is locked. Another building has a large TV playing classic movies, but I try to watch "Killer form Space" but its broken. At the NE corner I say farewell to Anamika and thank her for her company.

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