Sunday, December 19, 2010 4: the fellowship of the bling

Toulouse Bourbon >>> Nightshades
Sims crossed today = 8
Total sims crossed = 19

Day 4 dawns and time to hit the road. Opening the map, I count approximately 40 sims to London. Having only completed 11, it could be a few weeks away. The map indicates that he road to London is about 5% of the complete voyage, and as the sims are denser to the east of the grid, I start to realise how much ground I have to cover. While it's fun to explore each sim and stop to smell the roses, I fear that I might get tired of the itinerant lifestyle and not complete my mission. Heaven forbid!

I'm joined by my twin sister Lumia Van Douser as I leave New Orleans and arrive at Sans Serriffe (sim #12). The highlight here is the lovely reef fish and octupus that swim in the bay, but aside from that and a nice big waterfall, there is little to do.

Mmmmmm, Fish!
We head off to Andarah Island (#13), which is kind of like Santa's North Pole Village, if Santa suddenly had a psychotic episode. The reindeer carousel was fun, the teddy bears were suggestive and the gingerbread train was a sweet sensation, but attempts to rouse some of the residents were futile. Even breaking into the cabin and dancing on front of them didn't get a response.

Little pigs! Little pigs! Let us in!

Lumia said she was scared, so to get her mind of it I made her pull me some of the way in my new rickshaw, kindly donated to the expedition by Marty Messinez. What are little slaves sisters for?


The lag getting bad and Loomy and I parted ways for now, so it was on to the next sim, Daleks (#14). Disappointingly there was not a dalek in sight, and the owners jetski was locked, but his Porsche wasn't, ehehehehehe :D But I think the battery was flat, so I could just sit in it and look cool. I met a very attractive female on the beach, but she just looked straight through me. No point hanging around, so I TP to Bahaus (#15).

Hey babe. Come here often ;)

Once again, I am finding sim names quite deceptive. Hoping to land in a sim of 1920's modern German design, I find that this version of bahaus is a sci-fi, furry, combat sim. What's more, the bloody doors are locked. Unable to walk far, I am forced to TP to Dantooine (#16), a strange place of Roman pillars, viking ships and dancefloors. I learn that one person conga aren't much fun.

Party in my head! And you're invited!

Aside from an awkward conversation with a blingy Italian lass who suddenly poofs on me (is it my breath?), this place fails to spark my imagination, so it's off north to Kyrten (#17) a swanky house on a deserted island (yawn).

I am finding that sometimes when I go to TP to a neighbouring sim, I get the message "No vaild parcel could be found". I guess this means the map is out of date (?). I just have to keep trying neighbouring sims until I find one I can get to. Forever St. Trop (#18) it is!

Forever St. Trop is mix of bridal dress shops and Zynga machines and greedy tables. Seeing as I am penniless and don't plan on being a bride in the near future, I walk northeast, meeting a french lady on the way. Damn! I knew I should have a packed a translator.

Nightshades (#19) is home the the Gourbiland Theatre, a magnificent building of balconies and red curtains. I 'borrow' a skidoo parked out the front and explore the sim. Not too much going on so I stop at the Gourbiland School of Art. After wandering around several floors looking at blank walls I realise that it is probably a school of minimalist art and I am being too subjective.

Gourblinad School of Art. Call me old fashioned, but back in my day,
paintings actually had paint in them

Time to rest.

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