Friday, December 17, 2010 1: the beginning of the end

Sims crossed = 1

It's finally time to go. After spruiking my mission to a largely uninterested London crowd, I catch the 12:32am express TP to After Hours, the most southwesterly sim on the SL grid. During the long 6 second trip the enormity of my task hits me. What have I done? What was I thinking? But it's too late. My pride picks me up again and I arrive with confidence.

I am standing at the beginning of the end, about to step off the precipice into the great unknown. I feel like one of the great explorers of old, Lewis and Clarke, Dr. David Livingstone and Australian explorers Burke and Wills... except without the 26 camel, 23 horse, 19 man support crew. All I have is an animated bunny slipper and a dancing cow for company. I suppose it could be worse.

So here I am, at the edge of the SL grid, in a skybox called "The Death Dealers House". Sounds like a good place to end a long trip. Maybe I've started at the wrong corner! A large dog waits here patiently for his master. I suspect he's been waiting for a long time. I'm a little concerned by the pink poseball labelled "Start", but it's ok, and I give the nice doggy a pat. There is an unremarkable house filled with unremarkable naughty things. I figure I'm going to see lots of naughty things along my way.

My doggy friend. I wish he could come with me.

Speaking of naughty things, my twin sister Lumia Van Douser drops in to wish me well and give me some fresh catnip and some pizza. She's a sweety and when she leaves I feel a bit lonely here at the far end of the world, but my RL avatar is from Australia so I'm kind of used to it. It's time to walk.

Walled in by mountains, I jump out of the box and walk across an island past the Death Dealer Club, an place of black marble with red leather sofas, the obligatory dance pole and an interesting statue of the roof. It's gonna be a loooong trip. I wander down a path and into a temple, and have confirmed what I suspected. Vampires! That didn't take long. A little edgy, I continue northwest, glancing behind me every now and then. At least it's daytime.


I head north and climb a hill to find that the northern half of the sim is 'No Entry', so I head to the the most northeasterly corner, where an image of a full moon rising into the soft sky makes me glad I've come. I bring up my map and locate the nearest sim in the direction I'm going. Grafton, here I come. But tiredness sweeps over me so I curl up on the eastern shore for some shut eye.

Bunky Admires the artwork


  1. Thanks for the update Bunky, I’m so glad you’re safe! I’ll try and remember to pack you some garlic sandwiches and maybe a taser would be a good buy....

    I’m going to try and join you soon as I have aquired a blue hopper to compliment your red one (maybe not as fast but sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers...) I hear hoppering is extremely good for the thighs so it’d be for my own benefit.

    Stay safe and write again soon xxx

  2. Ooh awesome MayZee. I look forward to blasting our thighs together...

    ...that sounded wrong.