Monday, December 13, 2010 name is Bunky

My name is Bunky Snowbear. I was born on the 10th April 2009, a ball of pink noobishness. I spent the first part of my secondlife bumbling around the now defunct Pondi Beach, drinking cheap cocktails on the beach, losing my pants, stepping on peoples toes and generally irritating the locals.

Life was pretty tough back then. Penniless, ostracised, I lived one day at a time, chasing mice, flirting with vampirism and raiding freebie shops. Despite being surrounded by humans from around the world from all walks of life, I never felt more alone. After stealing a pair of stockings from a german punk shop one day, a wave of futility swept over me and I decided I had had enough, that my Second Life wasn't worth living. I decided to end it all. As I was preparing myself to the ultimate logoff, my fortunes unexpectedly changed. I met a girl at a freebie shop, a kindly, kooky girl call Moonsong. She took me under her wing and nurtured my virtual soul. She gave me a bowl of milk, a decent skin, a body shape that didn't involved going to the gym and in time, she gave me a new Second Life! Things were looking up, and my confidence blossomed.

But I feel a mid-Second Life crisis is about to dawn on me. While I'm happy tripping over squirells in London, dancing badly with my friends and dodging bullets in Diddler's peace garden, my paws are getting itchy and I long for a new challenge, an adventure, an odyssey within Second Life.

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