Monday, April 4, 2011 17: planes, trains, blimps and waterfowl

Parva >>> Sponsa
Sims crossed today = 14
Total sims crossed = 180

I'm not sure what a "Public Bridleway" is, but apparently I'm walking down one, a kind of walking track on the ridge above the railway line, and it's rather pleasant as I pick up where I left off in Athetis.

I drop down to the railway line as I spot Genie's house from I Dream of Genie. Seeing as Babara Eden was my first childhood crush, I must check it out. But you dont have to shrink to get in this's about 15 storeys tall. Inside, it's a tad dissapointing. I must have my expectation dial up too high again.

The trains are finally going my way so i jump on one and head north. We trundle along at a nice slow pace, allowing me to take in the scenery relatively lag free I pass shops, windfarms, churchs, memorials and stations. Its nice to be able to travel without pressing any buttons. A lazy bastard like me could get used to this.

As I head north on SL public transport, I'm kinda sad to see there's so much vacant land about on the mainland. The Linden Gods should make it accessible for residents to have, even a tiny patch of land. Perhaps less than $100L per week, with conditions.

I open up the map and see that I'm at the northernmost extent of the rail loop... but i also see on the map a lake to the south, and enormous lake with hundreds of regions on it, and on that lake there is an enormous island that also has a lake on it, and on that little lake their is an island. Mission updated: I decide to visit the island on the lake on the island on the lake on the island.

I explore a castle ont he way and I notice that large buildings seem a lot bigger on the outside in SL. Hmmm, Interesting.

Open joined water! I can do some serious nautical miles. But I cant rezz a boat here, nor my enormous rideable orca! And I cant fly! I may have to walk the floor of the lake, but I hate water. What's a pussycat to do?

I wander about until I can rezz my boat but I don't get far before being booted. I soon realise that the fabled 'open waters' is choked with private regions with varying security measures in place. I go bouncing all over the shop. Retreat! Retreat!

I decide to head north to the coast. From there I will TP eastwards along a few isolated sims to a second mainland area, a narrow island that arcs to the NW. From there I can sorm through a cluster of sims and on the Diddler Island. I rezz my trusty blimp and ride up the tall dividing range. I stop by a curious little spot beside a waterfall with a great view. A small railway takes me up to an odd airport. Waiting in line for the candy bar, I see a radioactive box with labelled "Do not touch!" Of course I touch it and it boots me all the way back to London. Hilarity ensues.

I paraglide, walk, fly walk and ride a swan to the north coast, where I bunker down for the night.

Plus maybe one or two more...perhaps
Sims crossed: