Friday, January 28, 2011 7: Second Life is a beach

London Sims >>> Ivory Coast
Sims crossed today = 10
Total sims crossed =45

After a 3 week holiday from SL involving a hammer, a sore thumb, a crying baby and 4 days of non-stop torrential rain, I have dusted off my slipper and am ready to leave London (#36) where I have had fun as usual, and friend Mayzee Moloko gave me some duct tape for emergencys. My next stop, Diddler Island, seems like a million miles away... is.

Goodbye London...again
I head NE down the lonely streets of Mayfair until I can go no further. Christopher Columbus-like I stare out into the vast blue unknown. Diddler lies roughly northeast, but I'm considering travelling east for a while so I can walk at least one of the 'continents'. I've only heard good things about them, and while it will make my long trip considerably longer, I'm sure it will be worth it.

To the north of London I spy a sim called 'LondonMet' (#37). My curious neko senses kick in and I'm there, albeit with a soggy landing.


I soon realise this is the sim for the London Metropolitan University. A sparse sim that looks it could do with an update, though I do love the old fashioned transport, suspended 1000ft high by hot air and 3mm fabric. Wheeee!

 I can see my house from up here!

Nice wind (#38) is next and the poster of two men kissing passioantely on a beach leads me to belive I have just landed in my first gay sim... not that there's anything wrong with that. And here I was thinking it would be about farting. Boxing rings, hotted up cars and gay porn. Hmmm. As Joe Jackson sang "All the gays are macho, can't you see their leather shine". Cool lunar module though.

The danger noobs face

Nice Wind's gay lunar module

As I cross the grid I have a bit of choice as to which sim I choose to travel via, as long as they are in the same rough direction. To my east lies "Negative Idea' (#39). If I like the name, I will generally check it out. Negative Idea proves to be a disappointment. It should have been called "No Idea". Next!

Davenport Beach (#40) seems rather popular however. There are at least 2 dozen avatars on my radar. outise is like a black and white film. inside however is a pumping nightclub. I stop by to say hello, but all the pretty young things are too busy groovin to notice the homeless neko that has entered the room.

As I walk NE across Davenport Beach, I meet Kadiyah, owner of new club Cardinal Sins which is set to open the next day. She gives me a tour of the club and the bedrooms where guests ummm... sleep, and she tells me that she is yet to satff the place. Apparently DJ's are easy to come by, but dancers and naughty ladies of the night are not. I tell her about my adventures and she catches up via this blog. It's nice when people take interest in my travels.

Bunky and Kadiyah

She says that I may wash in her waterfall and offers me a warm bed in which to rest my weary legs. I strip down and dive into the waters fora frolick with some dolphins and a good ole scrub. But I cant lie idle in her bed while the grid awaits me! Besides, the bed doesn't have any sleep animations, but plenty of the more energetic bed animation variety.

 Kadiyah's exfoliating waterfall

I thank her for her hospitality and head east.

Hunters Point (#41) , Home of the Bravehearts! Could be dangerous, or perhaps the sim of a baseball team? I wander around alone and find myself in someone's house again. The photos on the walls and cute kids bedrooms lead me to think this is a family place. I creep into a child's bedroom, and take a photo of myself, a dishevelled, hairy itinerant in a kid's room. I've never looked so dodgy. I realise I can rezz stuff here, so I rezz a photo of the strange man in their child's room and stick it on their wall. I'm also thinking about stripping naked when I break ito someone's house. It would highten the surprise if they come home. I love drama.

As I wander out I see a sign that reads "Touch this to join the coolest group ever!" Oooh it's very tempting, but not today. If I accepted every invitation I've received so far, my computer would explode.

So I TP to New York Bay (#42). I'm just starting to have fun on a playground when I am told I have 30 seconds to leave. Bloody killjoys! I leave that section just in time and just as I'm about to have fun with a horse that I found, I'm told to leave again :( and before I know it, I'm 'Home'. Home is still set as my old USLC sim, and I figure I'll end up home whenever I get booted, so I'm thinking about setting Home to London. But it goes against my rules of the road so I think I might set my boot destination to "the nearest available sim".

Anyway, this New York Bay owner 'Charlotte' really doesnt want me here, so being a stubborn pussycat, I return for another try and find myself in front of a group of horses, which kinda scares me, but at least these ones look a bit more normal. It seems I've found a corner of the sim that is more welcome. I break into the nearest house, the highlight of which is the furniture and a framed slideshow of fake photos of Megan Fox in compromising positions. At least they are good fakes. I commend the owner by sending her an IM "Bunky Snowbear: I'm walking across the SL grid and I passed through your place. Nice pad! I particularly like the wicker furniture and the naughty Megan Fox photos. Sorry to invade your private space, but its my job :)"

Hunts Point Beach (43). I seem to have stumbled into the beach zone. Things are becoming awfully beachy. SL is a beach. Hunts Point has one of those, ancient roman/modern beachhouse/scottish castle things going on. Castle? Do I smell Gor? I have a sneaky peek throught he walls and it looks safe, quite magnificent in fact, but I must press on! I cant go exploring every freakin castle i see or I'll have to update to Windows 17 before I finish. I spy a green dot on the radar and decide to go and have a chat. Eeek! Creepy horse farm!!! Each to their own, but I'm outta here!

Freshwater Springs (44) is a sim filled with nice, large, modern beachhouses for rent, but nobody home and nobody renting by the looks of it. No access to the eastern part of the sim so time to go.

Damian Island (45) is another beach sim with a large purple open-air club. A few folk boogie away in tight ripped jeans. There is a pagan feel about the place, with some choppers thrown in . They welcome me to stay for the upcoming biker party, I thank them but must go. I don't feel like dancing today. I wander to the NE corner through lovely tropical beach gardens that remind me of Bali. I pass an enormous mansion near the end.

I find myself in a little wooden house at Ivory Coast (#46), a Tinuvian RP sim. I'm asked to collect my HUD, read the rules and fill out my character info. Hmmm, "Bunky, Wanderer, looks a bit like a young Gandalf". As I have alook around, I think that the fighter jet/spaceship looks a bit out of place in a medieval RP sim, but whatever. I walk into a cave a spy a portaly votexy thingy which takes me to the main game. I arrive in some woods, a little underwhelmed and call up into a furry ball and go to sleep. To be continued...

Ivory Coast's Vortex of Mystery!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 6: london calling

Jamaica Cove >>> London Sims
Sims crossed today = 2
Total sims crossed = 35

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I put on my bunny slipper for a another day on the road and enter the world of Jamaica Cove. I envisage pirates and cane fields, drinking rum on the beach to the tunes of Bob Marley and svelte babes dancing around an open fire through the haze of ganja smoke. Instead I find a series of small, square islands with a few monstruous beachouses. This place lacks soul and character. I jump in my inflatable boat and coast along to the NE corner. As I near the exit I am unexpectedly booted. I am not disapponted by this development.

Awwww. Neko lovers have the best houses to break into.

I find myself in Tokyo Mainland. This should be interesting, in perhaps a Lost in Translation way. I've always been fascinated with Japanese culture, particularly pop culture. My little green friend Dana Luckless gives me a call and I ask if she wants to join me. "Sure" she says in her enthusiastic way. It starts well, as I enter someone's and find myself surrounded by neko paraphenalia. Cute. I always feel safe in a cat lover's house. As we wander about outside, I've never seen so many atms and money exchange machines before. The place abounds with odd looking teleporters and endless skytop aboretums up long flights of stairs, hatshops, shops selling random things from dancepoles to ants. I pass a store selling something called "Tanima shock -Real Valley of the Chest, Real and Sexy Breast to You!" Hmmm, whatever.

Noob riding, Tokyo Mainland

RL gets in the way of Dana's visit and she leaves me as suddenly as she arrives. As U2 would say, she moves in mysterious ways. As I near the NE corner I open map to see where I'm headed. I soon realise that I have almost completely missed London! If I had of continued NE I would have walked straight past the London Sims. What a goose!

I happily teleport west where I am warned to leave immediately. I guess this area of the sim is a place of private apartments. Either that or the fact I havent had a bath for four days. I jump to the other end of the sim where I may be more welcome and explore Northcliffe House in the Kensington Office Suites, but its largely uninhabited and the suites are for rent. I take an elevator tot he upper floors and walk around the empty corridors. As I walk in silence I get the feeling that this place is testiment to the well publicised failure of RL commerce to kick off through SL. SL commerce is evidently thriving in SL.

Northcliffe House, Ghost town

A walk around streets lined with lovely terraces, but I'm itching to get to Hyde Park, and I'm not talking about fleas. Hyde, the Hub in particular, is my regular hangout, and I have many friends and acquaintences there whom I haven't seen for too lomg. I walk into the Hub and find two strangers shuffling their feet in the corners. Dang! It's early morning European time, notoriously quiet in the London Sims. But it's good to be sort of  'home' after a long trip. I plan on spending a few weeks here. I guess it's part homesickness, part sim fatigue. Over the next few days I catch up with friends, and engage in the usual funny buggers. Ahhh, 'tis good to be home!

She's not the messiah! She's just a very naughty girl!