Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...a change in direction

So you may be aware by now that I have hung up my hiking slipper for a while. However, I am still being productive, perhaps more so than ever.

I recently made a short film The Geek! in SL with good friend and partner in crime, the irrepressible Evie Falconer. I tossed a few ideas around for another machinima project, then in a moment of insanity decided that a 10 minute silent, action/thriller, secret agent spoof would be a great idea. Luckily it was! Quite a bit of work, but we're very happy with the results. The trailer and movie poster are out. I just need to film a few more sequences and give the final spit and polish and then release it. Ok that sounded a bit rude. Umm, it's coming soon...ok i'll try again. Due to be released on Vimeo late June 2011. Tell your friends.