Saturday, December 18, 2010 3: the beginning of the end of the beginning

Walnut Ridge >>> Toulouse Bourbon
Sims crossed today = 4
Total sims crossed = 11
Tharrrr bee Gorean Pirates, arrrrgh!

I'm standing on the edge of Walnut Ridge, checking my map. Continuing northeast, I TP across the sea to Luna Lupe, sim #8 of my trip and made up of three joined parcels. I land beside a magnificent Turkish bath house, that seems to have run out of water. The plug mustn't have rezzed. I'm joined by my good friend Dana Luckless as I do my finest pirate impersonation, and as we walk she informs me this is a Gorean Roleplay Sim, and we are alone. I know enough about Gor to know it is not my scene, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Dana enjoys some Gorean Furniture

We enter a castle and head downstairs to a dungeon that doubles as some kind of gynasium. There's excercise equipment everywhere, bench press stools, bamboo climbing frames, vaulting horse thingys and an unusual amount of cages, which I assume is used to store excercise equipment for members. Dana gets caught in a cage so I TP a mutual friend of ours, Marty Messinez, so we can share the laughter at someone else's misfortune.

Work it baby!

Outside now, playing on an interactive photo studio, we notice a green dot on the radar then start receiving IM's along he lines of "Oi ye fare goun nought dis ere sim w'out appropriat attire sire, ect, etc." So we do what any bunch of naughty children would do and run! To hell with diplomacy. Reaching the NE corner with a grumpy Gorean on our tail, Dana says she can't follow and we must leave without her. Noooooo! Daaanaaa! I quickly TP across to Playa de Cielo and bring Marty with me. For some time later we receive various IM's from our Gorean neighbour "Oi agght noo wiz  be yoon don goot thee blah blah blah". Ok, I'll show more respect next time. My friends make me do silly things in serious situations.

Pffft! Tourists, Playa de Cielo
Playa de Cielo is a great little sim with nearly everything a boy could want from SL, a bar, a train and large, dangerous animals. Me and Marty run around like kids in a candy store until he has to leave.

The dangerous waters off Playa de Cielo
Playa de Cielo is the last island in the group of sims that sit far off the southwest coast of the main grid. There is one very isolated sim halfway between, Nosso Lar (#10), one of the most isolated sims in SL, and appropriately the place is like an atoll, flat as a pancake. The only thing of note here is an treehouse that an ewok would be proud of. Next!

Nosso Lar's only attraction

 I touch down on the main grid at New Toulouse Bourbon, the New Orleans sim (#11). It's nice to be somewhere quiet and more 'real' after the madness of the last two sims, and I walk through streets lined with magnolias in bloom. It makes me sad to see such a wonderful sim, beautifully hand-crafted and full of information and detail, completely empty, aside from a couple dancing cheek to cheek in cafe. The are too much in lurrve to respond to my "hello".

Walking Rue D'Alphabet, New Orleans

After a look around and a fine southern stlye meal of cajun baked fish, I head to the northeast corner for a well needed rest before day 4. Farewell N'orleans. I shall return when I have more time.

Mmmmm, Fish! Ya'll come back now.

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