Friday, December 17, 2010 2: postcards from the edge

Grafton >>> Walnut Ridge
Sims crossed today= 6
Total sims crossed = 7

I wake up and TP to the second sim on my hike, Grafton, an icy world divided by a jagged mountain range. The sim is home to Mystic Moon Photography, wedding photo specialists, and I meet the owner and her sister. They are polite, but I get the feeling that they don't have time for a penniless hobo who takes his own photos. To the east is a lovely cabin, all warm and christmassy. I stop to warm my buns by the fire. Mmmmmm, but I can't stop too long, or I might finish the trip on Christmas 2052. And also, the owner IMs me to say "could you get out of my house plz!" He doesn't know it but he has the honour of being the first person I have officially

 Mmmm, toasty buns!

I hop across to the Venice Grand Canal, Sim #3 on my path. Theres a lot more coconut trees than I imaged there would be in Venice. There also seems to be a lack of grand canals and Italians. But there is a large community hospital being built by a talented young lady with the lovely name of Lilymai Faith. She stops for a quick chat. I head north across some water to a beautiful modern house. Peering in the windows I guess that this is Lilymai's house, so I don't break in and raid her kitchen out of respect, and also the fact she is a vampire and probably keeping an eye on me. After a quick rest in a hammock, I continue on to Sim #4, Maple Valley.

Venice Grand Canal. Note lack of gondolas

Maple Valley is a lovely green place with a large modern house and some lovely waterfront settings. A couple of avatars are seen on my radar, but I get within 20m of them and the still can't be seen and they don't reply to my calls. Weird. A large Japanese inspired house lies in the NE corner, so I break in for a quick bath, then it's off to Opal Isle.

Who left this bathring here?

Sim #5, Opal Isle. I arrive to a dark and spooky place. Gothic cathedrals and fortresses loom over me. My trusty radar tell me I am not alone, so I start moving NE with caution.

My neko nose smells vampires o.O

Across a steep mountain range I find myself in a large open area with about 500 horses in stables. This must be one of those horse studs I have heard about, and the owners must be seriously into them, not to mention spending a fortune in the process. I approach Allison Rentling, Rancher. I introduce myself, keen to ask her about her horses, but she just stands there, with an intense look on her pixie face. I take a photo. She wakes up and says "Are you taking photos of me?" "Ummmm no, the horses" I lie. "Coz my bf owns this place and he can tell if you are taking photos of me". It feels like a good time to leave, but we chat for a bit about the horses (she rents a pen) and my trip. She wishes me well on my journey. So out of respect I will not post her picture, indeed in future I will ask permission before taking someone's photo. Feeling a bit creeped out by the equine madness surrounding me, I TP myself away.

Horse farm weirdness

Pine Woods, Sim #6, is a fun sim with a lingerie shop (see photo), several trendy houses with helicopters on the roof (they must be rich) and all manor of watersports.

Nah. Blue isn't my colour

I swing by the Devilish Desires Gentlrmen's Club for a beer, kindly supplied by bartender Eiji Prevost. The club's owner was on voice from hospital, where she was being treated for some injury. I hear the nurses in the background. A couple of attractive ladies do some sort of stretching excercises on poles. It's a new club, and I'm not a big club kind of guy, but it has very friendly staff, so If you're a gentleman (hehehe), I'd say drop in a say hello. After bidding my farewell, I walk through a coconut grove to the NE corner.

Knocking back a cold one at the Devilish Desires Gentleman's Club

Walnut Ridge is the 7th sim on my path, a winter wonderland with some pretty 19th century houses and churches. After a brief ice skating session (turns out I'm a natural!), I enter a large churchy building that looks like it could belong to either Vampires or Catholics. Vampires it is. I enter the little chapel at the other side of the sim, where a pipe organ plays "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer" on loop. I'm an atheist, but I decide to  pray for a safe journey anyway, I've got nothing left to lose. An IM from a stranger me tells I'm invited to a dance party, so I go looking for it. Maybe she could see I entered her clans building, but the party is on another sim, not along my path, and I have to decline the TP offer.

Yawning now, I think I am done for the day. Crossing six sims isn't bad work for a day's work, but I think I'll have to pick up the pace over the next few days, and maybe even TP a friend for some familiar company.


  1. I hope to join you before i go to my RL 4 days adventure in the serbian countryside sim. Mind you, I'm not age verified, so no adult (read: immature) sims for me.

  2. Dear Evil Twin,

    I am quite worried about your constant running into vampires. Please be smart with the catnip I gave you, and don't pass out on those kind of sims. I'll be there to bring food again this weekend.

    With Love, Your Sister

    PS. Mum says hi.