Wednesday, March 2, 2011 12: fine sims ahoy!

Beppu >>> Independent State of Caledon
Sims crossed today = 7(ish)
Total sims crossed = 115(ish)

I kick of this leg of the journey with my good mate Dana Luckless. I have to show her Beppu (see previous post) because its so nice and interesting. We play about in the hot springs and then find an L$1 Kimono, which fit surprisingly well. The reason they fit is because they shrink us into little geisha bodies, and we roll around laughing.

The next cab off the rank is Katat0nik (#108). This place has to be seen to be believed. It's essentially a shop, but it's like a cross between Loony Tunes and an insane asylum. Some awesome builds here and some very creative items and things on display and for sale. You MUST see this place for yourself. Great fun!

Good times in Katat0nik

Alter Ego, (#109) yet another great sim (thats three in a row, a record!). This place is lavsishly detailed and teeming with animals that dont look like they were drawn by a 10 year old cartoon enthusiast. But sadly another corner of the sim has a ranch, with horses that look like they were drawn by a 10 year old cartoon enthusiast. Another corner has a wild west thing going on. Shared sims can be very diverse, and often the areas in them do not compliment each other.

To the east lies another series of joined sims, the Caledon/Winterfell region,  made up of more than 70 sims! It is almost a continent in itself. I suspect Gorean Lands. If I am right, I'll quickly walk about 5 sims (#110 to #115) in a easterly direction to the eastern coast of this megasim.

I am delighted to learn that The Independent State of Caledon is a Victorian themed region. From their Wiki...

The Independent State of Caledon is the name of a rapidly growing group of Victorian-themed sims owned by Desmond Shang. Caledon can be considered an example of a developing micronation.

Bravo! I'm quite partial to a bit of Steampunk, so I think I'd better check this place out a bit more. It's a great place with some lovely touches, but it feels a bit sparse and and not very busy. I think it is a bold project, but I cant help but wonder how much it is costing for 70+sims and how Desmond Shang is paying for it? Anyhow, I appreciate a large interesting sim. Quite original and comforting, though I feel a bit lonely. I vow to return and explore Caledon in my finest tweeds with my magnifying spectacles and cane.

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