Saturday, March 26, 2011 16: bunky goes overland

Sylvina >>> Athetis
Sims crossed today = 28
Total sims crossed = 166

It's 09:45hrs downunder time
and all through the sims,
not a creature is stirring
not even a noob.
It's too early for Europe,
And too late for the Americas.

Touchdown, Sylvina, a series of islets connected by bridges and just a quick swim from the mainland. It looks a bit like how I imagine Dubai to be, oppulent buildings on sandy, artificial islands. This must be where the rich people live.

I am now 30% cooler! I have swapped by freebie girl glasses for pyschotherpeautic Freud glasses made by Dana, and I strap on a guitar to make me more interesting.

Across the channel now, and a large truck rumbles northwards up a cobblestone road. I've never seen a truck driving in SL before. I've seen a parked one you can shag in the back of though. Maybe I can hitchhike the rest of the way? The truck is driverless. I jump in. It is controlled by the worst script in SL. It flies, it slides, it rolls down embankments and slams into houses. It jerks and lags painfully. The road turns out to have many vehicles like this. Bailing out, I decide to walk along the western coast road, then head east to join a highway that appears to run up the center of this area of the mainland. The road is lined with large trees and some very nice houses, making for pleasant walking. But soon the road ends! I must backtrack to the last turnoff, a reminder to check my map more often. Heading inland it is more open and perhaps a tad run down looking. Houses sit idle, 'For Sale' signs abound. 

Bunky's Deliverance moment, Lake Goma

Heading east i overshoot the road and end up taking a little canoe trip on Lake Goma. As I head down the lonely road I start to feel a bit the Omega Man or Will Smith in I am Legend, excepy without the violence and horror. The cobblestone roads are full of weeds. Structures, nice as they are, seem to lie abandonded. There is not a soul in sight. I begin talking to myself, gesturing every now and then, just to break up the eerie silence. It's not that ugly really, just a little bit...grey and surreal.

 Born to be Mild!

I hop on my new, free quadbike and zoom down the road. Its a bit laggy, but fun... until I try to cross a sim. I'd end up going for an extended and quite spectacular fly through the blue yonder of oblivion. I think I should ditch the ATV, flying is more fun anyway.

Another spectacular sim crossing on my ATV, Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

I almost have to keep the map open constantly so I dont miss turnoff. Heading east now, Im looking for a large road that heads north. On ehte map it looks like a highway. Perhaps strangely, it doesnt quite meet up with the road im on, so I have to climb over a castle wall to get to it. Dropping in on the castle, I am told it is "The Vampire Castle" and I that I enter at my own peril. The has been completely gutted. The only thign left was the fireplace. Scary indeed. o.O

I drop into a random wild west street and have a look around. I find the 'Bunkhouse' which gives me a a giggle. While the buildings look ok, I'm disappointed by the lack of anything interesting behind the doors. A street from the wild west

 Sounds like an appropriate place to stay. Pity its boring as bat shit.

I meet it with main road and begin my long leg north. But its not a road. I think it is a wall. Like the Great Wall of China, only without 1500 years of rich history. Perhaps they are trying to keep out invading Mongols? The wall is huge, but a bit above it all. Ill take until i get near some roads running parallel to ther north.

Jump off the wall, to an area where the land slopes down the the coast, coming across some railway lines. Hobos and railway lines together. Lots of trains pass. Pity they are going the wrong awy. There is soo much arounf me, buildings and things. If I check everything intersting looking out, then Ill never get anywhere. I do drop in on a large toy store. I expect teddybears and sports item, but its filled with toys of an entirely different pursuit.

Freight Train Blues

I am joined by new favourite noob, Lovenica Resident and we wander down the tracks for a while. We spy King Kong in a cage attached to the cliff beside the rail line, and I say hello.

Beauty and the Beast? (the beauty is on the right in case you were wondering)
I must say that after traversing and hopping between small sims, the mainland seems massive and infinite. In a small sim, you can fairly quickly work out where things are soon get a sense of the layout. This has completely changed on the mainland. It's a bit overwhelming actually, but fun. A lot more to come!

The mainland sims don't differ much across borders and they're a bit harder to keep track of, so I've decided to list of the sims I have passed through here. I've probably missed a couple though.


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