Wednesday, March 16, 2011 15: rednecks, therapy and a foxy lady

Pixel Dreams >>> The Big Easy
Sims crossed today = 8
Total sims crossed = 138

After shaking my fur and removing the Atlantan sand from my underpants (chaffing is an issue on the road), I head east to Pixel Dreams (#131). Its a shop in a large skybox. Next!

I arrive in SupportforHealing (#132) and meet an odd chap sitting alone by a campfire. As I approach we strike up a conversation.

[05:31 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: I like your bag
[05:31 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: thanks
[05:31 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: im a hobo
[05:31 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: I'm mad
[05:31 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: me too
[05:31 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: im walking across the SL grid
[05:31 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: this place was on my path
[05:31 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: Would you like a hug ?
[05:32 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: sure
[05:32 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: I sent one
[05:32 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: So what is your problem ? :)
[05:32 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: i didnt get it
[05:33 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: You didnt feel it :(

The conversation quickly got weirder...

[05:40 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: Your a seagull
[05:40 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: maybe
[05:41 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: You are
[05:41 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: im more like a lost dog
[05:41 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: Seagull
[05:41 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: Your beak is prominent
[05:41 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: but seagulls are scavengers
[05:41 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: So is the noise you make
[05:41 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: me me me
[05:41 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: caw caw
[05:41 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: thats not very nice
[05:42 PM]  LucidDreamer Nimbus: Neither are you
[05:42 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: how rude

And I thought I was strange. A few people arrive around the campfire and I was notified that a therapy session was about to begin. While I probably do need therapy, this kind of therapy was about chakras and energy flows. I'm more of a Jungian/biological determinist kind of cat. I make a run for it. Nice sim though. A little odd, but peaceful with positive chakra energy flows.

Therapy begins and Bunky runs, SupportforHealing

I arrive in Parrot Keys (#133) to a poor, down south community. A rusty caravan with rocking chairs overlooks a seaside farmyard with barn. A bent radio mast towers precariously above me. Across the mountains and islands are private homes. I drop in to say hi to the locals but they are hostile and armed with high-powered orbital weapons. I quickly move along. Another area has a beautiful tropical garden with a lovely vista. The joined sims Parrot Island and Parrot Falls (#135 & #135) consist of more private island estates. It's a nice layout but I dont feel welcome.

Parrot Island, beautiful, but inhospitable

I head to Magoo (#136) where I find my self in a strange situation. I'm in the centre of a irregular sphere made up of white boxes dancing around above the sea. Perhaps this is the playground of some mad professor. Actually, most of the sims I have been to look like the playground of some mad professor, or just someone mad. I head to the nighbouring island of Eyri (#137). It seems to be a strange mix of the movie 'Avatar' and Nintendo. A large Edwardian mansion nearby offers no clue as to what it is all about.

Weird Science at Magoo

Whatever, Eyri

I arrive in the Big Easy (#138), my second New Orleans sim. N'Orleans really must be the most simmed city on SL. I'm joined by my dear friend, the intelligent and awesomely leggy Lovenica Resident. We start to look around, but while the buildings look great from a distance, they are empty and soulless on closer inspection, and anyway, we are too busy chatting to care.

Bunky and Lovenica in the Big Easy

The map tells me I am a stones throw away from the western-most continent (mainland) and I should begin walking it tomorrow. It's gonna be a bitch to keep track of the sims I pass when there are several hundred of them joined together. Send food and useless inventory items!

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