Friday, March 11, 2011 14: from furries to mermaids

Karma >>>Atlantis
Sims crossed today = 6
Total sims crossed = 130

I rezz my boots for another leg of the journey. I must confess I do it reluctantly, I'm just not in the mood to tramp today, but I must knock a bit off the trip whenver I can.

I arrive in Amber's house, Karma sim. Nice house Amber, whoever you are. Karma is a series of small areas with houses surrounded by mountains. Nice private dwellings and a pet supermarket, but nobody home.

Husky Island is a furry strip club. It must be that I'm half human male that I find the lack of flesh rather disturbing. I guess no amount of lindens will get convince them to get their fur off. The place is rather non-descript and generic, but it seems popular with the furry kind, who seem to prefer voice here. The talk of cables and modems. I don't bother interrupting them.

Meeting Island is another furry land and it seems a fairly eclectic place, with steampunk and nature elements, including lots of water channels and some cool islands floating in the sky. Lots of things to do, games, musical instruments etc.

I land at Gwynedd, which has some lovely trees and lots of bird wheeling through the sky. The music is nice a spooky, sounds a bit like a Hans Zimmer movie theme with lots of synth. Theres some pretty interesting designs here, like a rainbow treehouse thingy. I break into a house, and Goldilocks style, have a snooze in a bed. Mmmm, silk sheets.

A gay treehouse?

Thanks for the bed. Sorry about the fleas.

Checking the map, I find myself close to the western-most continent. I decide to head in a SE direction for a while, so I can drop into it at the south end and work my way up.

Amatsu Mitsukai is another mostly Japanese sim, filled with some manicuerd gardens and a bit of traditional Japanese architecture. There are some nice locales here, so I'd recommend a visit. A few turnoffs are the large, out of place structures that house a collar shop and various women's apparell outlets, but hey, it's not my sim.

Amatsu Mitsukai

I found it! The lost City of Atlantis! Ive never been in an underwater sim, so I strap on the board shorts and hold my breath. The tunnels make it a bit hard to navigate, and you can fly, so I'll need to spend a bit of time to have a decent look at the place. It's a very intersting build, with a lovely blue tinges and some beautiful areas of fish glass and old columns. My only criticism is the lack of flying.

Atlantis, Yay!

My new girlfriend is a bit of a whale

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