Tuesday, March 8, 2011

...day 13: on the road again

Gotham City >>>
Sims crossed today = 9
Total sims crossed = 124

Sl offers such a rich bounty of possibilities, I seem to have been distracted from my mission. I need more discipline (of the non-kinky variety) if I'm ever going to finish. I also need a grammar refresher. Too much fast text chat and I'm forgetting where I'm supposed to use capital letteRs.

From Calendon I head to Gotham City (#116), an RP sim based on Batman. Ive been here before, a long time ago, when I was looking for a policeman's uniform (dont ask). I found one too, when a nice lady helped me locate a freebie. It's a nice sim, lavishly detailed and true to the genre, and perhaps better when you are alone as I believe they take their RP seriously. It would also help to be a fan of Batman, which fortunately I am. An impressive sim.

The sims seem to be getting denser, and I have more choice of neighbouring places I can head to as I wander east, so I head south to Smarter Earth (#117) coz it sounds like a pretty easy concept, though if it is full of  beach houses and horse ranches I wouldnt be that surprised.

Smarter Earth is weird. At first I'm not sure what is actually is all about, but I follow a weblink and find it is...

"Ensuring suitable and sustainable resources for self-aware entities".

Smarter Earth.... wtf?

It's mostly a fairly attractive nature sim, with a few 'educational ' areas and a large dome full of cheesy Cuban street scenes and a roof of twinkling stars and butterflies. I'm not surprised I'm alone. It feels a bit like I'm in a version of 1984 written by hippies. I'm sure they mean well though.

My map shows that I have entered an area of sims with IBM in thier name, but the won't let me in. Another reason to hate multinational corporations. So I head south to Jass (#118). The landing area is deliciously odd. A circular area with a large squid-bat thing in the center is home to grand pianos, hookah pipes, iPads and some genuinely freaky sculptures.

Curiouser and curioser. Jass

This place is selling "Jass Magic" which seems to be some techy thing I have no idea about. This place is making me feel more noobish than I am so I head to...

Infinite Media (#119), which informs me it provides "Intelligent answers", which has something to do with buying LG dishwashers, mobile phones and BMW's. I sense another failed RL commerce attempt through SL. Call me ignorant, but SL is for buying virtual lingerie and afro wigs, not RL cars. This place is sterile as a morgue.

Infinite media. xFailx

I hope Creamy Dreams (#120 and Adult) is less sterile, but dissapointing. A large area houses a shack with a downloadable escort list, a hut with no door and a large castle that I suspect has been overrun by vampires. The gothic bat logo on the castle tower leads me to that impression. Most of the sim is behind no access lines anyway. I TP into the castle dungeon, directly below three avatars and eavesdrop. They talk about the state of the UK and the recurring implications of 911 as they stand on the Darkside cathedral dancefloor. I'm tempted to burst in dancing and shouting "Hey Hey!", but I fear I would get involved. I am spotted and feel obliged to say hello, but I'm stuck in the dungeon, looking for a secret wall. I soon realise that one the walls is actually a flight of steps. Doh! I'm such a noob sometimes. They inform me it is a rock club and they are not vampires. Wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong. They are friendly enough, but I must bid them farewell and push on, depsite the fact that a woman an enormous rack has just rezzed next to me.

Next is xFire (#121). Sounds exciting. Eeeek, bloody horses! A furniture showroom! A party supply shop! Too much excitement to handle, so I quickly leave.

xFire! Underwhelming

Sionnach Meadows is one of three Sionnach sims specialising in Sionnach, whatever Sionnach is. Theres lots of flashy houses with helicopters on the roof. Yay! It feels like ages since I broke into someone's house. The forst house has a framed rail map of the NYC subway system and some nice Beatles artwork. I turn to find a dog staring at me. It's not a pitbull so I'm safe. It's a classy little sim and I imagine it to be run by a collective of SL hipsters, but I'm probably dead wrong.

Whatcha doin in my house, hobo neko?
The neighboring Sionnach sims are similar. Nice, but personal. I feel a tad voyeuristic as I peruse a photo wall, looking at the happy snaps of people I've never met, laughing, dressing up, getting married, being romantic. For the first time I actually feel a bit uncomfortable in someones private space. Oh dear, am I becoming soft? As I head NE a groovin moorish apartment catches my eye.

Modern Moorish house. Sionnach. Boho Sims

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  1. Lol @ "Call me ignorant, but SL is for buying virtual lingerie and afro wigs, not RL cars." Imagines him in black lacy lingerie and an afro...being disciplined.........tries to scrub the image from her mind