Thursday, February 17, 2011 11: a mixed bag

Lost island  >>> Beppu
Sims crossed today = 7
Total sims crossed = 106

I've decided to head due east and walk part of one of the 'continents'. It's not the most direct route but I hope the scenery will make up for it. The thought of walking a few hundred more sims of beach houses, horse farms and sexbed showrooms I find a little daunting, so I'm putting a lot of faith into the mythical large landmasses to the east.  

GLD Prefab Homes (#100) is just what its name implies, houses off the shelf. It's my 100th sim! Yay! But i decide not to celebrate by buying a house.

Exceptional elegence (#101) is large showroom with some classy (and expensive) furniture.

I TP to a group of four co-joined sims. Japan Sapporo sounds good, but I am getting resigned to the 'false advertising' of sim names. It gets worse because I cant TP to any of the four sims, and I am left on the edge of the sim to the north looking out at an expanse of ocean. It's the first time I simply havent been able to access a a sim with no explanation, not even an 'invalid parcel' notification. Weird.

Ah well, looks like I must explore Tangled Paradise (#102). Ironically, there is a beautiful Japanese Garden here. It's nice to be in a nature sim again, with a large house to break into. The northern half of the sim is a no hobo zone and I'm refused entry. Bloody killjoys!

A spot of tea! Tangled Paradise

Germanius (#103) is describeD as a German Gorean RP Sim. Oh dear. I arrive in a valley surrounded by a lovely mountain range that looks like something out of Middle Earth. Nice. Entering the main game area, the auto guards strare at me, but they dont stop me. One thing I'm starting to like about Gor sims is the attention to detail, groovy sailing ships and the emphasis on nature that is obviously a large part of the whole Gor thing. They can keep the rest. There's something about keeping women in cages that I find a bit disturbing...but as John Lennon and Elton John sang, "whatever gets you through the night". As I walk along I explore a nice village, but ignore the large castle that do doubt has lots of slave balls.

Varykino Haven (#104) is Lenny and Kali Celt's Home... apparently. I've come to expect an autoboot, but it gladly doesnt eventuate. Im in a treehouse, on a small island and its all very cute. Lenny and Kali must like dancing. Wildflowers blanket the ground in this charming, nature-inspired sim.

Nobility jewellry store and samurai school (#105). Plenty of jewellry, not much samurai to be seen. Where's the blood? Where's the violence? Where's the sliced watermelons? I'm joined by Dana Luckless for a bit of her precious time. She too is dismayed by the abscence of violence.

To much art, not enough blood, Nobility

Fukuoka Yakuin (#106) is soon discovered, a snowy beach side open air club and, umm, thingy with a nice boat, more open air thingies and halloween thingy. A fairly schizophremnic place but all good fun. After a spontaneous set from DJ Bunky, Dana departs so I head to the neighbouring sim, Beppu (#107). 

DJ Bunky, in da house! Fufuoka Yakuin

Beppu place is more 'Japanese' than the previous sims. I score a nice, pink freebie, girls packpack, which will make a nice change from my hobo carpet bag. I feel like a tourist as I walk through the village market and galleries. I guess I am. This would have to be one of the more lovely sims I have been in lately, and I recommend you check it out.

The wonderful Beppu

Oh and by the way, the 'days' I travel are not necessarily done during a single SL session, let alone a single day. I often stretch it out for dramatic purposes and because I have artistic licence! :)

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