Friday, February 4, 2011 9: sore feet

Blue Dream >>> DnB Nor
Sims crossed today = 28!
Total sims crossed =89

This blog is starting to be a become of a burden. It's handy to keep a record of where I've been, but I'm gonna have to start to cut back on the details and photos, except when things are particularly interesting. Time is in short supply, and I need to quicken my pace.

Leaving Blue Dream, I TP to Venus Island (#61). A big island with an attractive beach house (Yawn).

East to Arab Leaders (#62). Considering all the trouble in Egypt right now, I'd better try to be neutral. Lovely turquoise waters and desert, I feel like I am in Dubai, without all the dust. A big marina thingy, a few bars, sunbathing decks and a club is pretty lifeless and empty, but looks modern and flash.

Shanghai City (#63) sounds tantalizing, but I'm not expecting it to be very exciting. Home of the Dark Sovereign family, its a vampire/Lycan/ RP sim/hybrid which i think i some sort of incredible hulk thing. I mee tthe owner who kindly invites me to take a look around. A nice big crypty thingy. Not really my style but it looks pretty good for what it is.

I TP off to Lag (#64). ROFL! For once I hope the sim is not like its name. More Vampires. I meet the King, who allows me to look around his new sim, but informs me that I am "in danger of losing your humaninty". Eeeek! I don't stay long. Nice castle though.

Mairie de Paris (#65) sounds nice, but it looks more like China than the City of Light...or Shanghai City (#63) for that matter. Oh, its Japan, the panda bears confused me. Its the home of Loka designs.Vegetation, t-shirts and nipple rings.

NE to Ice Ice Baby (#66). I'm loving some of these sim names. Not quite sure what this is meant to be, only there's horses (o.O) and big beach houses. I guess I'd describe it as a fairly typical sim.

Sunset Beach (#67), a giant shopping mall of fashion disasters, but they do have a pretty cool Beatles shop. Next!

Frankfurt Zoo (#68) is home of the Black Infinity Vampire Clan. I was hoping for animals of the non-ex-human variety. Jungles and more dark gothic castles. All the poseballs also suggest to me that these are hippy vampires who like kissing and snuggling in the outdoors.

North is Frankfurt west (#69) and its more horses. I don't stay long.

Frankfurt City (#70) to the east is a nice looking place with old industrial buildings and shops. I walk in on a lady who is trying on new clothes. Just as I say, "Looking good", she goes completely naked and I'm left to back track, but shes friendly, though my German in terrible... some would say non-existant.

Sunshine Tropical (#71) is apparently "Lion's home" with, you guessed it... a big beach house! Zyngo madness also. One of the houses here seems to belong to some bikie/gynaecologist. Some seriously weird pictures here. Ill spare you the details.

Its over to Outback (#72) and more bleedin horses! A large dutch windmill and an Orca are the highlights here.

To Wonderland Beach (#73) and im hoping for a bit of Alice in Wonderland fun . No, its a shop. I've actually been here before! I'ts a popular hair shop, Ali and Alli with a heap of beards upstairs.

North to the Witches Forest (#74) which is an apt description of the sim, with toadstool houses and oversize bunny rabbits. There's lots of nice multi-colour trees here too. The witches here seem to live in cosy little cabins, but I'm all alone apart from a non witch who says hi, but I'm not in the mood to pester her today.

Mandy's Mansion (#75) strip club with very little stripping going on. Friendly folk though, and a few people boogie away on the dance floor. I meet a fellow Snowbear. Good looks obviously run in the family.

Vitural Holland (#76) is pretty fun lots of stuff to see and do. Windmills are to be expected, as are canals and those cute boxy house things, but im not sure what the totem pole is there for.

The next 2 sims, Amsterdam 2 (#77) and Amsterdam 1 (#78) are fantastic. Old tall buidings and bridges and cobblestone streets. A lot of work has gone into this place and it looks great! Definately one of the highlights of my trip so far. Art gallerys with famous works, waxworks museum, and a lovely art deco cinema. I'm joined by my friend Dana Luckless. We raid  a freebie shop then move to...

...Extort (#78), which is completely empty, aside from a "For Sale" sign.

Wunder (#79) is plain boring and doesn't even rate a mention.

Realm of Muzik (#80) is a female nudist sim. As a boy person, this appeals to me in several ways, but boys aren't allowed here. So, to be safe, I switch to my more feminine alt. Much to Dana's alarm, I lose my dress, but keep my undies on to stop her blushing. A freindly female avatar tries to strike up a conversation as we realx by the pool, but I'm not in the mood to keep up the trans-gender charade.

So we head off to 'I forget the Name' (#81), not it's real name, but I forgot to make a note of it. It was a frilly, florally rental complex with classical houses and lots of trees and vines, but a tad lifeless and extremely dull.

I head to Balinor Island (#82), an adult sim, so I scout a head to see how naughty it is before I TP Dana (she's a bit blushy). I land in an 'art' gallery that is fairly explicit, but the rest of the sim is no access.

Air France (#83) and I TP Dana across. It's one of the stranger sims I have seen, basically an office/departure lounge in a large glass bubble in the sky. Very stylish and corporate. Also confusing, and we try to look around, only to find ourselves skydiving into the ocean or turning up in a spacey void thingy that looks like something from the Star Trek dream sequence. Frustrated by our inability to wander around freely, we go to

DnB Nor (#84-#89) is a mega sim complex made up of 14 cojoined sims. It is 'Virtual Norway', wide open spaces, a nice looking village here and there, but very corporate and minimalist. It's owned by a bank, so it is correspondingly dull and sterile. The corporate atmosphere brings out the left leanings in us, and we dance on the bankers board room table, fail in our attempt to leave a few stinky souvernirs on it, then break into a modern bungalow and smoke the world's biggest joint. The sim(s) stretches on for a long way, and a bit of forest of explored. Dana parts company and I walk to the NE corner, a bit tired and overwhelmed by this monster ode to capitalism.

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