Friday, February 11, 2011 10: dodging arrows

DnB Nor >>> Lost Island
Sims crossed today =12
Total sims crossed =99

Bunky does Gor...... and fails miserably

As I near the end of the Norwegian mega-sim, it gets a bit more interesting, and some architectural oddites turn my head. A waterfront pub, (a converted boat shed) called the Drunken Viking looks like fun, if I wasn't the only one here.
Samnium (#90), a sim full of oldey worldey kinky stuff, but not in an explicit way. It feels a bit gorish too. The doors are locked. Curious (I'm part cat you know), i use my camera control peer through the walls, and click on a poseball inside (a PG rated sitting one). Surprisingly, I'm inside! But perhaps humourously, I cant get back outside! There is nothing within range outside the building that i can sit on, and I'm locked inside! They say curiosity killed the cat, so my best hope is to make my way to the roof and jump off. The upstairs doors are locked too. Send food and water!! Then I remeber I can simply TP out of there, so I do. Derrr.

Valley of dreams (#91) is a wide open green sim with a few large houses and a frilly rotunda, not much else.

Sword Death (#92) sounds like a rather violent place. It turns out to be a market in the sky, selling violent things and costumes worn by violent people. I cant find a TP to the ground for the main game, and I cant be bothered.

Another megasim lies to the east. 8 or so joined Adult sims. I arrive and immediately notice it is Gorean (!), a collection of combat sims and endless marketplaces selling ye olde kinky stuff. I have to venture though Kalana Highlands >>> Three moons valley(#93-#95). Oh dear. This should be interesting. I'll either do my best to avoid everyone, and do a runner if I'm caught, or, I might dress up and try to blend in. The profile of a nearby green dot on the radar says "IM me so we can discuss torture methods." How charming! I change into some non-authentic gorish gear (my highlander type outfit), strap on a Gorean meter and TP to "the docks".

A combat zone! I keep my head down and head NE. A man suddenly jumps out of the bushes and runs across the path. Hes being chased by a near naked man with a bow and arrow. Oh dear! This may be a gay combat sim... not that theres anythign wrong with that. Further up the hill a couple of women with slingshots shoot at other women. They seem to ignore me, which is a relief. It seems to have become a lesbian combat sim. There certainly isn't anything wrong with that.

The sims here are certainly popular. I guess running around shooting half-naked people with bows and arrows is quite appealing to some, but I don't bother trying it myself. I'd have to get a weapon from somewhere and figure it all out, but I just don't feel I have the time. Things start looking the same, so I run to the far NE corner.

Experience Italy (#96) is underwhelming. The architecture is a bit more modern than I would have liked, with big grey boxy buildings everywhere. It looks a bit like a United Nations complex. 

Menagerie Haven (#97) is a private estate and I manage to escape before I am sent home.

Salamanders Paradise (#98) is home to "The World's Largest Hotel". It's not that big, or interesting for that matter.

I'm joined by Loomy and Dana for the last bit of this leg of the journey. Lost Island (#99) has some cool beggar avs, indian style, snake charmer type stuff and a nice little workshop, where you can 'air shovel' coal and sharpen your butt cheeks on a grinding stone (as Loomy found out) but it feels a bit gorish loomy and when we tried to jump a wall to break into a fun looking house, we got booted so hard that Loomy and I both crashed. It's all getting a bit too much so if anyone needs me, I'll be in bed.


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