Friday, February 11, 2011

...a bump in the road

I may have hit a low point in my travels. All the sims I visit are starting to look the same. Movement is often difficult, with security orbs and booters who don't like me. It's a bit like going on a road trip through rural Australia. SL is starting to look impersonal, empty, cold, even hostile towards vagabonds like myself. I miss my friends. It makes my day when they come and walk a few sims with me. Without their support I'd lose my mojo, so thanks friends!

But I'm making progress! It looks like I'm half way on the map, but the sim distribution is much denser to the east, so I'm probably one quarter to one third into the trip.

I've decided to take a break from the road every now and then, to go home, have a shower and muck about with my buddies. I'll still do the trip, but it's too much to do it continuously without letting my freebie woman's hair down every once in a while.

It's incredible how much things can change when you go away. London Sims now has a changed dynamic, with many of my favourite avs having left. It's a tough gig being a greeter, but without them things turn to shit. I wish Bean, Evie and the others the very best in wherever their SL takes them.

And couples break up and noobs blossom (even green one's) and it's all rather fascinating really. A microcosm of RL where nothing stays the same and everything happens for a reason, hopefully for the right reasons.

And I have a new friend! Lovenica Resident is a bit of a noob, but she's fun to muck about with and can also have an intelligent conversation. That's what I want in an SL friend... oh, and long legs and nice red hair helps to ;)


  1. I knew there was something odd about you. You have a girly hair! Why didn't I notice it before??
    That explains a lot :P

    Glad you have a new friend, and the fact that she is noobish. Maybe you can talk her into getting some green skin, explaining how everyone must go through their green phase in SL, so that she makes up for my frequent offline status. I wish i could log in more often, I miss you all.

    Don't you dare giving up on your trip! I'm still logging in daily to read your blog. If you give up, I'll... I'll... do something terribly non-noobish!!!!

    Catch you soon is some virtual space or the other

  2. Lol i thought when you said you liked redheads you were just laying on the charm....