Tuesday, February 1, 2011

...day 8: close encounters of the furry kind

Ivory Cove >>> Blue Dream
Sims crossed today = 15
Total sims crossed =60

I awake to find myself still in the Tinuvian RP sim, Ivory Cove. I'm soon joined by my London buddies Dana, Lyna and my completely bonkers sister, Lumia Van Douser. It's been a while since I've seen them and I'm grateful for their company.

Brainiac Dana with gratuitous butt-shot of Lumia

After we catch up on all the gossip, we walk northeast-ish, but the tempation iof a pub is too great so we stop for a drink. After stealing some fish (for later) we eventually make it to the centre of the medieval village, where Dana makes a coffin for my broken bunny slipper. Full lolz I can assure you.... OK, I guess you had to be there. Seeing as my compadres are on the opposite side of the planet, they crawl off to their RL beds as I make my way to the corner and then onto...

Bondi Island (#46). Sounds suspiciously Australian, where my RL avatar resides. Across an enormous expanse of sand lies a monolithic club, The Queen of Hearts Stripclub. Must be the strippers day off. I'm having trouble getting around, like I'm walking through mud, stopped by the occasional invisible barrier. Weird. I find myself in a strange corner of the sim, with 2 odd sign, a black panther, a pug and a "under construction" sign

The NE section of the sim has an enormous magnificent old stone building, the Oak Grove Asylum. Its a RP area, so I am extremely curious to see whats inside. Well the place is pretty huge, with lots to do, but most of it has rather kinky sexual overtones to it! Who would have thought!!! I can't even use the phone without the threat of being violated. But it's not a fun place to be alone. So it's time to leave the least Bondi-like sim ever.

What does this pink ball do? Oak Grove Asylum

Onyx Isle (#47) is another sim viod of human activity. I feel very lonely since my freinds left me earlier. I am on a beach (surprise surprise) looking up at a huge, ugly beach house. I strip off my clothes and enter the house, and I'm pleasantly surprised to find thats its less ugly on the inside. It's actually quite a nice place, so I have a nap in their bed, eat from their table, changes the colour of their bedsde tables and broke their toilet. All in a day's work :) I put my clothes back on and head north

Another day, another break-in

Amethyst Isle (#48) was difficult to cross as it kept BOOTING ME! without warning, but it looks pretty bog-standard anyway :P so its east to... Pearl Cove Island (#49) which sounds awfully piratey, only it isn't. It feels like I'm on a movie set. The buildings are mere shells, even the shop fronts were painted. I wander around thew surreal city streets till I realise there is nothing more to it, except the cinema which is rather nice. I grab some popcorn and depsite the absence of seating, I sit on the floor and wait for the show to start. But the curtains are painted on so I wander off like the Omega Man to...

The post-apolalyptic streets of Pearl Cove Island and it's cinema

 Lawria (#50). I find myself in a gallery like an erotic Guggenheim. Images of latex and leather clad ladies line the semi-transparent walls. I admire the architecture. A trippy castle lies ahead, the statue in the courtyard looks rather Gorish. I tread with caution. A large crocodile swims in the moat. Closer inspection reveals it to be a plesiosoaur. Oh dear. Strange things are afoot. I shuffle off to the NE. Eeek a unicorn! Run! I head up a winding path to the top of a himalayan mountain range. Another castle is here, but I'm not allowed in. Peering through the walls I spy lots of kinky Gor funrniture, so I TP to...

Lawria. Gor me thinks

Furry Park (#51) is a quad-sim that I assume is for furries, but you never know unless you go. The sim is fairly sparse, with lots of open desert areas. Perhaps it has seen better days? A tall chickenman in a a Star Trek outfit, Sir Behawolf Foxclaw, leads me to believe my assumption was correct. he tells me that the place is largely abaondoned now. Perhaps the  Golden Age of Furriness is over?

[09:12 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: are you always a furry?
[09:12 PM]  SirBehawolf Foxclaw: normally I am a wolf but I do have avain AV
[09:12 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: oh
[09:12 PM]  SirBehawolf Foxclaw: yes, and prowd of it :)
[09:12 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: hows the furry scene these days?
[09:13 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: still going strong?
[09:13 PM]  SirBehawolf Foxclaw: still discriminated but not as bad and yes I think so especialy on SL
[09:13 PM]  Bunky Snowbear: where else are there furries than SL?

He then 'Shooped' me, eyes bulging out of his head and a great beam of force coming out his mouth. He informs me it is meant to boot me home, but it wasn't working for some reason. What a strange person.

Close encounters of the furry kind

Fursong is the adjacent sim to the north. i havent been counting co-joined sims as seperate entities, but perhaps I should? Anyway, Fursong (#52) is a continuation of Furry Park and consists of an open air club and a few shops. A little way up the path a snow leopard in pink latex, Karma Wolfhunter, hangs out. We chat for a bit and she educates me on the furry art sceneand takes interest in my journey. Nice lass.

Karma Wolfhunter and I

Bored now, I head to Maven island (#53) bed shop. What I want to know is, how come it's so hard to find a bed that you can actually sleep on? The other shops here fail to inspire me, so its across to Maven shores (#54), separate sims but likely related. Maven Shores, home of the Golden Spur Saloon. A dozen or more folk are lined up dancing in sync. Not sure if it's my scene, but everyone seems to be having fun. Not much talking going on though. I bid everyone a farewell and head out the door.

Blue Lagoon Beach (#55) is a shopping sim with a lovely asian style landscaping. The gardens and beach really look good. I m not sure what the non-shop area are meant to be, other than look nice. I guess it would be a ncie place to hang out, but theres noone here but me. The shops here sell furry avs, grass, trees and shoutcast streams for dj's. Theres some nice overwater cabanas here for rent too. Hmmm. maybe one day when I settle down I'll rent one\, but it would feel like I live in a shopping mall

Maory Island (#56) is under construction, but a few images show it may be modelled on the most magnificent of Pacific atolls, Bora Bora and/or Mangareva. Being a Pacific nut, I'll definately come back here at a later date to check it out. Conchobar Oran and Anx Xevion are the builders from italy. I commend them on their plans.

Lover Island to the north is sadly closed for business. Who said romance wasnt dead? So I head to Buenos Aries (?) island (#57), either a South American zodiac or SL's biggest typo? A fairly eclectic place, it reminds me of a lesser quality sim #55 with a flashy digital TV showroom. But many green dots congregate on my radar so i head over to check it out. Must be a party in the sky and I'm not invited.

Jakarta City (#58) is not like the RL one, unfortunately. It is home to some very rude men who told me to leave, then as I was leaving, booted me. What? People don't like vagrants breaking into their houses? I'm surprised this is the first time this has happened. Sure I've had lots of auto-bot bootings, but never a booting from an avatar. I got banned from my first sim! Yay! Frankie Radikal, you are the biggest douchebag I have met on SL, and I've met a lot of people. Ah well, 1 in 60 sims aint bad.

Phoenix Bedazzled (#59) is another beachy place (surprise!). I'm starting to get de ja vu when I see a bunch of palm trees and sand now. Kind of a market on the beach, looks like this place never really kicked off.

Blue dream (#60) is home to the Lost Yard RP group. Looks  bit vampirish. Do I have to wear a observer tag, awwww. I'd better respect the rules. This banning bunky thing might get out of hand if I dont. The two residents here ignore me. Seems harmless enough, a bit grungy and anarchistic though. Meh.

Tired now, so it's ZZZZZZZZZZ.

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