Thursday, May 19, 2011


Someone asked me the other day, "So have you crossed the grid yet?" A fair question, to which i replied "Errrm, not yet :)"

It's been about six months since I picked up my carpet bag, accepted my gifts of catnip, tape and bunny slippers from the three wise women, and proceeded to begin Bootfest. A festival of noobish looking horses, vacant beach cabanas and castles, and I might add a great deal of solitude. And went I wasn't in solitude I often wished I was.

Wow, six months, and I'm only halfway there! Mind you about five of those months have been spent mooching around old haunts, dressing better than a hobo, getting to know old acquaintences, experiencing, learning, evolving. Always learning. Yeah, I'll walk the bloody grid! But what's the hurry? From experience, I would imagine that walking the whole grid non-stop would be enough to put anyone off SL forever.

My attention has recently shifted to other manifestations. Machinima is the new black for Bunky Snowbear. Writing and art, even building, is now occupying a lot of my SL headspace. Here's my first SL film, The Geek! Thanks to the delightful Evie Falconer for her grace and patience, and local Melbourne Jazz outfit Banana Oil, who split up twelve years ago, but put out a cracker of an only album, Guava Lampo.

By the way, it's not my voice (it's on the track), and SL lags baaaad when I record at high resolution so it's lacks pixels, but it does the job. YouTube has a habit of taking out audio on behalf of MGM who think they own every friggin piece of music in the world, so it may be defunct in a few weeks.

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